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Share Your Story

Illinois nuclear energy facilities provide reliable energy, jobs and clean energy to Illinois families and communities. The easiest way to understand those benefits is through the people who know these facilities best; that’s where you come in.

Please share your story about why nuclear energy in Illinois is important to you, whether that’s jobs, economic impact, clean energy, reliability, recreation or something else. Then, share your story with friends, colleagues and families, and encourage them to join our effort!

Read on for stories from supporters like you from around the state:

The Clinton Power Station is facing some strong economic issues which are not of it’s own making. Outdated energy policies could force Clinton Power Station to close prematurely.

For DeWitt County the threat of losing nearly 700 jobs that help fuel the regional economy; the 1500+ contractors each year who add to the economy; $13 million each year in local property taxes that fund schools, community college, libraries, and municipalities; contributions of over $100,000 each year to non-profits and thousands of volunteer hours for the community is devastating. This county of less than 17,000 will lose as many as 200 families as they leave the state in search of comparable opportunities. DeWitt County has never faced such a dismal future of empty homes, empty schoolrooms, empty stores, and loss of direct and indirect jobs.

Ruth Stauffer
Executive Director, Dewitt County Development Council, Dewitt County

The Byron Chamber of Commerce exists to attract and retain economic opportunity for our residents and businesses. This is important work because the fabric of any community is stitched together by the ability of its people to find work, start a business and support their families. Economic opportunity is the seed on which communities grow and thrive.

This is why the economic challenges facing the Byron Generating Station are so gravely concerning to us. The station is one of the important economic assets in our community. The plant employs almost 1,000 people with good jobs and provides millions in tax revenue that funds our schools and other endeavors vital to our community. The plant is also a very good neighbor, always eager to help out on various community initiatives and priorities.

Deanna Mershon
Executive Director, Byron Chamber of Commerce, City of Byron

The Clinton plant is ready, willing and able to compete within a policy structure that treats all carbon-free sources equally. Clinton is not looking for a “bail-out”, as some have charged, but the chance to compete on a common and consistent list of environmental values.

The closure of Clinton would be economically devastating to our town; that much is beyond dispute. But adding insult to injury is the fact that this whole thing is entirely avoidable, if Illinois lawmakers act now.

Tim Followell
City Administrator, City of Clinton (Clinton, Ill.)

Former U.S. Trade Representative and Mayor of Dallas Ron Kirk visited Illinois to discuss the benefits and importance of nuclear energy. Ambassador Kirk is also a Co-Chair of the CASEnergy Coalition. In that role, Ambassador Kirk advances the Coalition’s message regarding the benefits of nuclear energy, and its importance in our future energy portfolio.

Ambassador Ron Kirk
Former U.S. Trade Representative and Mayor of Dallas Ron Kirk, visiting Illinois to discuss the benefits of nuclear energy

As a 29-year union employee of Exelon Generation, I understand how important it is to maintain and operate Quad Cities Station in a safe, reliable manner 24/7.  I take great pride in my station.  I have a personal responsibility to perform my work to the highest industry standards, error-free every day, every shift.

Bob Escontrias
Super “A” Mechanic, Quad Cities Station (Cordova, Ill.)

As the largest employer in the area, Clinton Power Station helps our community thrive by providing quality jobs for our residents and tremendous support for our civic organizations. We are proud of the station and consider it a great asset for all of Central Illinois.

Carolyn Peters
Former Mayor, City of Clinton (Clinton, Ill.)

I am always impressed by the leadership and commitment Exelon demonstrates in the promotion of conservation, preservation and restoration of our natural environments throughout Illinois; from hands-on native restoration of rights of way,  to funding of grassroots organizations, and generation of nearly half of Illinois’ energy from a carbon-free source.

Christopher Burke, PhD
Chairman, Conservation Foundation, (DuPage, Kane, Kendall and Will Counties, Ill.)

Exelon has a strong commitment to its communities. Not only is it a strong community partner, providing recreational opportunities around its plants for local residents, but Exelon cares greatly about the environment. I have had the pleasure of being involved with Exelon’s Fishing for a Cure tournament since it began in 2002. The artificial habitats Exelon purchased and installed at Braidwood Lake are working. Anglers are catching more and bigger fish each year.

Chauncey Niziol
ESPN Radio host of Chauncey’s Great Outdoors, (Braceville, Ill.)

At our facility, protecting the health and safety of the public is our top priority. Clinton employs a sophisticated strategy to safeguard the plant from potential intruders. Our Security Force consists of highly-trained paramilitary personnel who monitor, detect and respond to any issues to ensure safety.

Eric Brooks
Security Manager, Clinton Power Station (Clinton, Ill.)

In 2013-2014, LaSalle Nuclear Station accounted for 69% of the local taxes received to support Seneca High School students.  We at SHS, however, do not regard Exelon as merely a taxpayer, but rather a partner in the pursuit of educational excellence.   The Exelon LaSalle Station /Seneca High School partnership has manifested itself in many forms, including hosting a  “Nuclear 101” program for our science teachers taught by Exelon engineers, sponsoring our annual Future Farmers of America 30 MPH roadside clean-up event, providing scholarships for graduating seniors, and utilizing the expertise of Exelon staff to improve our educational program and communication systems.  The financial resources provided by Exelon allow Seneca High School students to experience a college- and career-ready educational program; access high-quality vocational programs; enjoy modern facilities; and utilize cutting edge technology.  We are blessed to have LaSalle Station in our school district. They truly are a good neighbor.

Dr. James Carlson
Superintendent, Seneca High School (Seneca, Ill.)

In addition to being a reliable source of clean electricity, Dresden provides hundreds of direct and indirect jobs and has an enormous economic impact in Grundy County.  We’re lucky to have them in our community.

Nancy Norton Ammer
CEO, Grundy County Economic Development (Grundy County, Ill.)

Byron Nuclear Station presence in the community helps drive a lot of business to our restaurant. The refueling outages that come once or twice a year are an added bonus, bringing an influx of workers through our doors for weeks at a time.

Sara Costa
Owner, Costa’s Restaurant (Byron, Ill.)

Illinois State Representatives Michael Tryon (R) and Larry Walsh Jr. (D) introduce the Illinois Low Carbon Portfolio Standard (HB 3293 / SB 1585) in Springfield, Illinois. HB 3293 / SB 1585 properly values the environmental and economic benefits of Illinois nuclear facilities. 

Michael Tryon (R) and Larry Walsh Jr. (D)
Illinois State Representatives Michael Tryon (R) and Larry Walsh Jr. (D), introducing the Low Carbon Portfolio Standard (HB 3293 / SB 1585)

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