About Us

Illinois’ nuclear facilities are vital to the state and provide tremendous benefits to Illinois families and communities, including:

  • Illinois' nuclear facilities generate 52 percent of the state's electricity.
  • Illinois’ nuclear facilities are by far the state’s most reliable source of energy providing power 24/7/365.
  • Illinois' nuclear fleet sets the world's standard for operating at 96 percent efficiency - during all seasons and weather conditions.
  • Nuclear energy produces nearly 90 percent of Illinois' carbon-free power and is key to moving Illinois to a clean energy future.

A December 2020 report from The Brattle Group found that just four Illinois's nuclear plants account for over 28,000 jobs across the state and contribute $149 million in annual state tax revenues, totaling $1.3 billion over ten years, for schools, libraries, parks, and public services. Additionally, these four nuclear energy plants contribute more than $3.5 annually to state gross domestic product (GDP).

Despite these clear benefits, some Illinois nuclear facilities face a perfect storm of counterproductive federal energy policies, market-distorting subsidies, and other economic challenges that threaten their continued operation.

Our mission is to educate Illinois policymakers and residents about the clear benefits that the state’s nuclear facilities provide to the Illinois economy, environment and our electric grid reliability. Illinois has an opportunity and an obligation to implement policy solutions – consistent with competitive markets – that properly value the benefits of Illinois’ nuclear facilities and safeguard their continued operation.