Nuclear Powers Illinois’ Economy

Nuclear power provides the reliable carbon-free electricity we need for hospitals and first responders to keep Illinoisans healthy and for all of us to stay connected when we can't be together.

But reliable clean energy isn’t the only thing nuclear power provides our state.

Nuclear power supports 28,000 jobs in Illinois. These are exactly the kind of stable, family-sustaining jobs we need most right now as we begin down the road to recovery from the pandemic.

I'm proud to work as a reactor engineer

The nuclear plants in our state contribute millions of dollars in tax revenue every year. That money funds parks, schools, libraries, and other community services that help make Illinois a better place to live.

I'm proud to work in Turbine Services

Unfortunately, this reliable source of carbon-free energy, good jobs, and economic support is in jeopardy here in Illinois...

But you can do something about it.

Send a letter urging state leaders to preserve nuclear power in our state.