Environmental Steward

  • Wildlife at Work Certification: The national Wildlife Habitat Council awarded Quad Cities Clean Energy Center the Wildlife at Work certification. This certification honors the environmental stewardship of the center, recognizing the center's commendable wildlife habitat management.
  • Aquaculture Partnership with Southern Illinois University: Quad Cities Clean Energy Center operates a major aquaculture facility in partnership with Southern Illinois University. The hatchery enhances stocks of several aquatic species. The facility had raised and stocked the Mississippi and other local water bodies with over 7 million fingerling walleye, 600,000 fingerling hybrid striped bass and nearly 75,000 yearling hybrid striped bass since the hatchery began operation.
  • Alligator Gar Recovery Program: Quad Cities has been working with the state of Illinois since 2011 to help the species recover from extirpation. The site’s fish hatchery grows the fish for the state annually.
  • Pollinator Garden: Quad Cities has 20 acres of active grassland restoration with an emphasis for monarch butterfly and other pollinators, with 50 acres of additional sites identified.